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Set up The Perfect Business Instagram Account In 7 Steps

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Rise Local’s Guide To Setting Up The Perfect Business Instagram Account

So you’re ready to set up an Instagram account for your business. We’re glad to hear that because this platform can help you expand your reach and introduce your brand to some pretty cool paying customers. But you need to do more than just make an account for that to happen. So today, Rise Local has created a seven-step guide to help you create the perfect Instagram account. Just keep reading and you’ll have more Insta followers and website traffic in no time!

Set up your Instagram account

Set up your company Instagram account with a dedicated business email. But don’t forget to record the login information though! You want to ensure that everyone who needs access can get it easily. Once you’ve made an account, Instagram will guide you through the steps to finish setting up your account. 

Personalize your Instagram account

The first thing you need to do is choose a name. This can be your business name, but for companies with names that are more creative than descriptive, you may want to use keywords. For example, if you own a photography company called Special Moments, you might want your Instagram name to be Dallas Family & Wedding Photographer. This is a good strategy because those are keywords that people looking for photography services would likely search and when they do, Instagram will recommend you to them. 

Fill out your Insta bio

Now that you’ve captured the organic search with what we’ll call Instagram SEO, you have to quickly introduce yourself to viewers. If you have a personal brand– introduce yourself, tell everyone more about what services you offer, and any other important details. For more traditional businesses, share important information like your services, hours, and address. It’s even better if you can include some hot selling points that will encourage people to click the website link that you list beneath the bio. 

Hot tip: Keep your bio clean and concise. Use new lines to emphasize each point. You can also try to keep things fun by starting each bullet with a relevant emoji

Contact information

Once you’ve reeled in a potential buyer, it should be easy for them to contact you. Otherwise, they’ll just lose interest and move on. Add every available contact option to your Insta profile so people can choose the contact method that works best for them. Obviously, Instagram features a message button, but you can also link your website, email, business phone number, business address, and a WhatsApp business phone number. 

Get specific

Instagram also offers a few other tools to help people find you and decide if you’re the right fit to fill their needs. Some other things that you could benefit from filling out are linking to a company Facebook page, selecting your business category, and setting action buttons that show up on your profile. The action buttons can encourage people to order food, book with you, or make reservations. 

Profile picture

Last but not least, you must pick out a clear profile picture. If you have a personal brand, this can be a bright, smiling headshot. If you own a business, this can just be your logo or an icon that represents your company. Just keep in mind that this could be your first opportunity to show viewers what your company is all about. 

Finally– it’s time to post

Now, that your account is all set up it’s time to start posting! You should post at least 2-3 per week (but no more than 1 per day). You should also think carefully about what you’re posting and why. Push yourself to share your brand story creatively

This is a visual platform, so the things you post should be appealing without sacrificing meaning or purpose. You can show your business off in a lot of ways while doing this. If you do epoxy flooring, a reel showcasing the process could perform beautifully. If you own a wedding venue, share gorgeous professional photos of the blushing brides that get married there. If you have a pet store, do a pet highlight and introduce people to all of the sweet little critters that are still looking for a home. The possibilities are endless, just think about how you can inform or educate your audience. Then do it using photos, graphics, and short videos. 

Hot tip: If you struggle to take photos while out on the job or you just don’t know where to start– work with a brand photographer to get photos for social media that show off your products or services, staff, store, and more! This also works perfectly if you want to set up Instagram shopping.

Dallas Social Media Marketing Agency

Running a successful business without neglecting your social media and digital marketing is hard. This is true even if you know a lot about marketing because who has the time! Social media marketing means you need to constantly collect media, edit, write captions, design graphics, monitor analytics, respond to followers, generate content ideas, and more. Fortunately, Rise Local is a full-service digital marketing agency with staff conveniently located around Texas so we can assist our clients with media production and social media management. Schedule your initial consultation today and we can help you take the first step to creating a strong online presence.