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If your company isn’t already harnessing the power of social media, it’s high time to catch up and seize the opportunities it presents! In today’s business landscape, social media management has become the cornerstone, effortlessly expanding your brand’s reach to a broader audience. While the essence of social media entails more than just crafting short videos or sharing images – though these indeed form the core elements, and our adept SEO professionals can seamlessly integrate them on your behalf – the scope goes beyond, culminating in a comprehensive marketing strategy across all your social platforms, complemented by visually captivating graphics. At Rise Local, we have a team of excellent social media managers, brimming with enthusiasm and excitement to elevate your brand exposure to the next level.

Social Media Is Key to Marketing Your Business

Undoubtedly, social media stands as the linchpin of effective business marketing. Its influence on bolstering your online search visibility is undeniable, constituting an indispensable component of your outreach efforts. Even if your personal life remains untouched by social media, its potential in facilitating organic discovery of your business by clients remains monumental. What sets social media apart is its potential to disseminate information about promotions, and services, and perhaps most importantly, offer tangible proof of your accomplishments. This very attribute contributes significantly to its burgeoning popularity.

In a scenario where your competitor effectively exploits social media while you lag behind, the consequences are clear – you risk losing potential business to them. This happens because they present customers with direct access to answers and visual representations of their previous work. In a world where expediency is paramount, clients are disinclined to pick up the phone or await your email response. The prospect of requesting images showcasing your past projects is equally unappealing amidst the readily available alternatives. Why would a customer opt for you when they can conveniently scroll through your competitors’ Instagram profiles and have their queries answered on the spot?

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram collectively form a constellation of valuable social media platforms, each capable of propelling your business growth. Embarking on a journey to expand your social media presence equates to a pledge to elevate brand awareness, nurture customer engagement, and ultimately drive sales by offering an exceptional customer experience. Our adept social media experts stand poised to guide you towards these goals, employing diverse strategies tailored to your unique business needs. Just as social media serves as the conduit for showcasing your prowess, Rise Local’s social media prowess serves as the proof of concept to amplify your marketing endeavors. By weaving authenticity, efficacy, and social proof into your digital narrative, we not only resonate with your target audience but also extend a welcoming invitation to potential customers who share similar interests and preferences. This dynamic interaction, akin to engaging with your customer base and look-alike audiences, underpins the POW (Proof of Work) inherent in our marketing approach.

Our Social Media Management Process

Social Media Audit

When you work with the social media experts at Rise Local, we can audit your platforms and assess their performance. We can measure specific indicators of success such as engagement and publishing metrics, referral traffic, audience demographics, and more. Auditing your social media accounts can help us better understand your company, set goals, and formulate a strategy to achieve them. 

If you don’t already have a brand guide our accomplished designers can help craft one during this process to improve your cross-platform consistency. It’s important to establish a brand standard so messaging is clear and consistent throughout social media, product imagery, and promotions. This is a small detail that makes a big difference. 

Social Media Strategy

During the initial social media audit, we can determine areas of opportunity. Our social media team can then work closely with our copywriters to produce outstanding content and then amplify it on social media. We know that it’s important to tell a story and provide useful information. Rise Local’s content team can take care of all of that. Then, our expert social media managers can help get it in front of your target audience and convert searches to sales. 

Creating Memorable Graphics

Apart from crafting informational and sales-driven copy on your social media platforms, our managers also create personalized graphics that match your branding and capture the audience’s attention. We know how to make your online presence stand out and make a lasting impression on potential customers. Great graphic posts with well-executed copy is what will set you apart from your competition.

Manage Goals Using Analytics and Metrics Reports

Once we establish a marketing strategy and formulate an advertising campaign, it’s important to monitor it. Measuring analytics will help ensure we’re hitting targets and your company is on the right track to meet all of its goals. We can also keep track of which posts are performing the best. Once we know what your audience likes, we can give them more of it!

Customer Service and Engagement

An important part of social media management that a lot of people don’t think about is customer service. Our social media team can craft a uniform web presence and use that standard to quickly and efficiently resolve customer complaints. Our friendly and professional staff can manage basic inquiries and monitor reviews to ensure you’re making the right impression on prospective customers. Call Rise Local today and talk to one of our social media experts.

Let’s Make Your Brand Exposure Rise on Social Platforms

Stay on top of the latest marketing techniques with Rise Local on your team. Our social media management services will increase your brand exposure and awareness and ultimately lead to an increase in sales. Let’s help you rise today!

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