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We Use Video Marketing To Bring Awareness And Customers To Your Business

Video Marketing is a great asset in any digital marketing plan. One professional and informational video can be leveraged on your website, social media accounts, paid ad landing pages, TV advertisements, and more! Better yet, they make conversion rates climb fast. As they say, showing is better than telling. When people see the human element of your company and the product or service you offer in action, they’ll be able to visualize working with you.

Video Marketing also helps that they will have a better understanding of what their hard-earned money is going to. All of this can be achieved without them taking time out of their busy schedule to read through the dense and boring text. It’s important to share logistics eventually, just don’t lose the customer’s attention before you get to that. A video helps you sell the product and build credibility, without delving into minute details.

Video Marketing Engages And Captures Customers To Drive Traffic

According to research, incorporating a video into a landing page can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%! This stat shows that people love video. But the return on your investment doesn’t end there. Search engines also love video. Generally, search engines look to see how long people are spending on your website. Videos naturally increase that time, so Google will show you to more people.

If you post your video on YouTube (another search engine) and promote it on social media, your visibility will be through the roof in no time. You could even go viral. Think about all of the mobile users out there sharing Tik Toks and Facebook videos with their friends and family. With the right strategy, your video could be the next hot thing. Video Marketing services are some of the best investments businesses can make to build brand awareness and visibility.

Free Owner Videos

Every single one of Rise Local’s clients qualifies for a free owner video. Come on down to our studio in Dallas, and our experienced videographer will capture your brand’s story with our state-of-the-art equipment. This is your chance to talk about your product or service, why you got into the business, and what sets you apart from the competition. We’d love to help you connect with your customers.

On-Location Videos

Video Marketing is a fantastic opportunity to show your customers who you are and what they can expect from you on the job. This is an important part of showing proof of work. If you do something you’re proud of, chances are other people will want to see it too. Once they do, you may very well be their first call when they need the same service.

This is also a convenient video capturing solution for you. We know that a lot of service-based businesses don’t have time to do lengthy sitdown shoots. So instead, you can go about your day and we’ll showcase you in your best light. On-location videos are also great options for those who are camera shy because instead of sitting down for an interview, you can show off your attributes without a performance. 

Studio Video Production

These videos are excellent if you want to explain how something works, show off a product, or even start a monthly vlog. Our studio lighting lets us control everything, so you’ll always shine. Our Blackmagic video camera will capture amazing footage, while you’re illuminated by our professional-grade lighting system. You won’t even have to worry about our ultra-sensitive mics picking up outside chatter because our studio is padded to prevent excess noise.

You can also choose between a crisp, white backdrop or use our green screen to add funky effects or beautiful imagery behind you. Rest assured, we will take care of all of the logistics and produce a high-quality video. All you have to do is talk. If you’re not quite sure where to start, our Copywriters will put together some starter questions or even write a script, so you’re never at a loss for words. 

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