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Reach Your Target Audience

Rise Local provides television marketing solutions for Dallas and Houston, Texas. We create and maintain local television campaigns for businesses of all sizes. Our company has successfully invested in areas such as internet research and development, production, post-production, and data analysis to ensure that we provide our clients with intelligent television marketing campaigns. With a talented staff whose core competencies include design, creation, and broadcasting, we help increase traffic to local businesses across North Texas and beyond.

What We Do

We use state-of-the-art technology that gives us insight into key demographic areas. This allows Rise Local to target specific audience groups and deliver them the services they need. We combine our local media and local marketing efforts to get our clients the best results and greater ROI.

If you want a better understanding of your website and layout, we’re the ones to call. We’ll analyze what’s happening and show you where your website is taking a beating. Then, our team will show you how we can improve the website’s visibility and performance. 

Our television marketing will optimize your online marketing strategy with tactics that drive qualified traffic to your site. 

Ads Everywhere

Rise Local delivers television marketing solutions that guarantee your business is visible wherever your customers spend their time: at home, on-the-go, or in the office. Our marketing team manages all aspects of the campaign, which includes television commercials and the web components that tie into it.

Our TV ads can appear on over 100 TV channels at over 100 million households simultaneously. We put the power in your hands to reach as many people as possible with a dynamic advertising tool that puts you in touch with every marketer’s dream.

Rise Local can share your message on 60 premium live TV channels, 52 On Demand networks, and over 50 network apps on mobile and connected devices.

Extend the Audience Reach

Television marketing reaches more potential customers than online marketing on its own. Primarily, middle-aged adults are the most accessible through television marketing, which levels out with the younger crowd on social media and online platforms. This combined strategy reaches more viewers that need the solutions you and your business offers.

Rise Local’s TV marketing covers around 588,677 homeowners via Spectrum Reach (former Comcast/Charter). And we connect you with about 238,777 U-Verse AT&T households in the DFW market. That’s just a small portion of our digital television reach! We also utilize targeted display and geofencing to reach a specific audience in mind.

Build Your Brand 

Rise Local is a dynamic, integrated marketing solutions company that specializes in television marketing. We offer our clients the very best television media available, by utilizing cutting-edge demographic targeting to capture specific customers. As technology progresses, it’s our job to grow alongside it and use these tools to build your brand.

Rise Local is a results-driven internet marketing & television marketing company. We create powerful online video ads, highly-targeted email marketing campaigns, effective website design, and search engine optimization services that will help your business grow.

Get your message in front of the people most interested in your business. We offer local paid TV advertising that is seen on every major television channel including network, syndication, and streaming channels.

If you’re not on top of Google, Yelp, and other networks, you’re missing out on serious local traffic and revenues. Rise Local believes that television marketing is a must if you want to grow your brand awareness. Team up with Rise Local, and we’ll put you ahead of the competition.

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