Boosted Posts on Social Media Supplement Organic Content in the Best Way

Boosted posts are a great supplemental tool that businesses should use to promote organic content. Generally speaking, you want to grow your business’ online following organically. Post consistently, engage with customers and be authentic. You want to show people what you have to offer in an interesting way, without sacrificing honesty. It’ll look great if your business has 256k followers on Instagram, but if you’re only getting 10 likes on every post that’s going to throw up a lot of red flags for potential buyers. The same goes for hashtag spam and over advertising. That’s why we recommend using a healthy mixture of organic posts and boosted posts to help more people see what you have going on. This is a great way of getting your name out there without annoying your followers and future customers. 

What is a Boosted Social Media Post?

A boosted post is a form of advertising but differs from what you might expect from a traditional advertisement. To boost a post, you simply add a budget and social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram will put your content in front of your chosen audience. However, this process is significantly less intense and doesn’t include the same range of customization features. This is still very useful though because you can decide who you want to reach, how much you want to spend, and how long the ad should run. These are the key components you need to be in control of and tend to yield stellar results. 

How are Ads Different Than Boosted Posts?

We’ve already explained that boosted posts are less involved than ads, but let’s dig into what that really means. Today, we’ll use Facebook ads as an example because they have a fairly involved platform and offer some of the best customer insights in the industry. First, Facebook ads lets you choose where people can see your post whether that’s Instagram stories, Facebook messenger, or instant articles. Meanwhile, if you boost a post it’ll just show up in people’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. Facebooks ad manager has a couple of other useful tools as well. You can set a campaign objective, design creative advertisements, and target highly specific demographics. Advertising is a lot more useful once you’ve developed a campaign strategy whereas boosted posts work well if you notice a post if performing well. 

Should I Boost a Post?

The answer to this question depends on a few different factors. Before boosting a post, ask yourself what makes it special? Are you running a promotion, fundraising, offering a new service, sharing something extraordinary you’ve accomplished? If not, chances are you don’t need to boost your post. Just by publishing good content consistently you’ll start to see improvements. You don’t need to boost a post unless you’re actively selling something or have a strong call to action (CTA) that you’re encouraging your followers to take. 

You’ll need to be strategic about which posts you boost anyways. Facebook doesn’t promote text-heavy posts so you’ll need engaging photos or graphics and riveting sales copy. Catch your customer\’s attention and then send them on to the next segment of the sales funnel. If you see one of your posts is doing particularly well, you may want to go ahead and boost it. Since your current followers like it, your future ones probably will too! Use the trajectory to corner a larger chunk of the market. Not sure if you should boost a post? Platforms like Instagram will actually track what people are engaging with the most and make suggestions for you!

Rise Local– Dallas Social Media Marketing Agency

Grow your business’ social media presence and generate more qualified sales leads using boosted posts. Whether you want more views, sales, or brand loyalty, boosted posts are a useful way to do it. Social media platforms like Facebook are constantly reducing posts’ organic reach. Rise Local’s social media management team can help you develop a marketing strategy and effectively utilize boosted posts and get your content in front of potential buyers. Contact Rise Local today and schedule an introductory consultation. Together we can grow your brand’s online and social media presence fast!