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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local Search Engine Optimization is everything. You could have the best product or service in the world and still never make a sale. Why? Because offering an amazing service means nothing if no one knows it exists. Local SEO is important because it helps you introduce your business to a local audience. Preferably, one that’s ready to buy.

Just imagine owning a car repair shop in Dallas or a salon in Houston, but getting information requests from folks in Ohio. If this happens, you’re probably utilizing SEO, but it’s not doing you much good. The key is to make yourself visible to clients who can actually utilize your services. To make that happen, you need to invest in local SEO. 

What is Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local SEO is basically the same as SEO. Essentially, you are enhancing your website to perform better and constantly publishing content relevant to your ideal customer base. Some other factors contribute to your SERP ranking, but you’re basically just earning your place in organic search results by creating a better user experience (UX) for people that visit your website. 

The difference is that SEO caters to a national or even global market. Meanwhile, local SEO allows you to target a local audience and snap up searchers looking for fast solutions. Local Search Engine Optimization is a necessity for brick and mortar stores with limited locations and trades businesses. It allows you to hyper-focus on a geographical region or even a specific city.

If your company needs to go to a client’s residence to complete a job, you might not want to waste hours of your day combatting traffic in the Dallas-Fort Worth complex. With Local Search Engine Optimization you can determine your preferred radius, and we can target people within those cities. Local SEO is a great marketing tactic that helps you find the jobs you want and ultimately helps free up your time so you can take on more paying jobs. 

We Know Local

The Rise Local team is an expert in Local Search Engine Optimization. We offer numerous local search optimization services to improve your website and increase your visibility on navigation applications. For on-page local SEO, we offer a few different services to make you more appealing to potential buyers and Google’s crawlers:

  • Geo-Landing Pages– These pages can be utilized for paid search and capture exploratory searches. They share information about your services and where they’re available.

  • Blog Posts– This is a great way to show where your expertise lies and improve your rankings for specific keywords. 

  • Location Pages– These pages are essential. You should start off with pages for anywhere you have a physical location. However, you should also write pages for every city you’re willing to service so people who live there know they can hire you.

Local businesses are being overlooked due to their inability to be spotted amongst the competition.

How are you able to stand out amongst all the competitors? Why would someone pick you over another business?

There are a lot of SEO companies in Dallas, how do you know who to hire? Here at Rise Local, we have an internet marketing philosophy that is completely different from most other SEO companies. We provide results-driven services with a focus on customer service. Our Dallas SEO company is composed of online marketing experts with years of experience helping local businesses gain better online visibility. We are proud to be considered among the best Internet Marketing firm in Dallas TX because of our creative campaigns, flawless work procedures, and cheap rates that are affordable.

Find Local Customers Who Are Ready to Buy

Rise Local’s team of Local SEO experts are standing by to help push you to the top of local search results pages. We’re conveniently located in Dallas and Houston, so we can meet with you in person and dive into the driving force behind your company. Together, we can share your mission with a local audience, boost your website traffic, and drive sales. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Rise Local is supports small and medium sized local businesses that want to grow their local search visibility. Through our proven processes, small businesses will be able to take control of their local search listings throughout the entire lifecycle of Google My Business listings. Start receiving results instantly after Rise Local is set up, with no contracts or software to install.

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