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Increase your profit margins with sales and marketing!

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The Key Difference Between Sales & Marketing and Why You Need Both

Marketing and sales are two peas in a pod, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same or that one department can do both jobs. They’re meant to supplement one another, rather than cutting out the other completely. A lot of business owners lump marketing and sales into one job when they should really set unique objectives that maximize company profits for each. It’s easy to think that combining the jobs will save money, but it usually just slows down your business’ growth. 

Marketing builds awareness, a great reputation, and makes people interested in learning more about your business. Heck, top brands like Lululemon, Apple, and Starbucks even used marketing to create a community and brand advocates. A salesperson’s job is a bit different though. They turn all of the views, interest, and goodwill into profits. Today, Rise Local is going to break down these two essential business departments and share our secrets for using them together to skyrocket to success. 

What is marketing?

Marketing is basically all of the stuff that leads up to a sale. It includes everything from company branding and website development to search engine optimization (SEO) and TV advertising. Marketing builds a strong presence and a great reputation that makes people trust you. It also generates interest so people want to buy your product or services. Some common types of marketing include:

  • Local search marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • TV & radio advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing

But this is just the start of your marketing options. There are a million and one ways to market a business. It just depends on your objectives, target market, and industry. But with all of these marketing initiatives, there’s one common denominator. Marketing uses media to educate, inform, and entice potential buyers to move through the sales funnel

Your marketing agency or in-house marketers will take care of the first three steps– creating awareness, interest, and desire. Then, it’s time for the sales staff to take the wheel.

What are sales?

The last step in the sales funnel is action. Once your marketers have created some buzz and credibility around your brand, the sales staff needs to follow up on any leads that come in through website forms, Google My Business, the phone, or email. It’s up to them to listen to each potential buyers’ unique needs and convince them that your company is the best option to resolve their problem. But their job doesn’t stop there (even if your company operates on one-time jobs)! 

If you operate in a field like construction or do general contractor work, your sales staff can still follow up with buyers to ensure everything went well with the project. This is an opportunity to resolve any outstanding issues or encourage the company to refer more business to you if they’re satisfied. Next thing you know, there’ll be even more numbers for them to dial. 

If you provide an ongoing service or product that people buy more than once, you might want to throw it back to the marketing team. Set up an email marketing campaign and send a thank you promotion that entices your previous buyer to shop a little more. 

You need sales and marketing

In case you haven’t gathered, sales and marketing are inextricably linked. You need marketing to create buzz and credibility to keep sales moving along. But you also need to prioritize sales whether that’s through inbound leads or cold calling to support your traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and creative efforts. Marketing will take you most of the way, but sales will close that final gap. Make sure you prioritize both so your company can truly flourish.

For example, Cadillacs have been a status symbol and the height of luxury for millennials and those who are older for years. This is largely in part to the craftsmanship, but more so due to the luxury branding. Now, they’re even targeting a younger audience with pop culture references and popular actors like Timothée Chalamet as seen in this year’s Superbowl commercial.

All of these marketing efforts worked to bring more attention to the brand and engage a new demographic. But that doesn’t mean buyers won’t work with salespeople at the car dealership before they decide to close the deal!

Dallas Marketing Agency– Better marketing. Better sales leads.

Rise Local is a full-service marketing agency headquartered in Dallas, Texas that is helping businesses around the nation grow their business. Our knowledgeable team of digital marketers can lead your customers through the sales funnel allowing you to close and make better profit margins. Call today and schedule a free initial consultation and discover how Rise Local can turn your struggling biz into a 6-figure success.