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Podum– Rise Local's Website Design and Local SEO Solution

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Rise Local\’s Podum Maximizes Your Online Visibility and Improves Sales

What is Podum? We get this question a lot from clients as we start onboarding them and they see their first invoice. So today, we’re going to give you the rundown on exactly what Podum includes and the important role it plays in your digital marketing. Basically, Podum is a bundle of services that includes everything you need to maximize your website’s local visibility.

Page Builder & Optimization

Our web developers use Elementor’s page builder to quickly design headers, footers, and page layouts for your website. This allows us to launch a beautiful, user-friendly website faster than any other local web development agency. We also cut down on time and your expenses because our global header, footer, and CPTs let us reuse parts of your website design. Generally, the part of the process that takes the longest is consulting with new clients and collecting their assets. After that, it’s off to the races! 

Once we finish building your web pages, Rise Local’s web developers use a variety of techniques to maintain your website. These practices reduce code bloat and offsite requests to keep your website operating at the same level it was the day we launched it. 

Website Themes

We use WordPress to build out all of our websites because it is the #1 website builder for search engine optimization (SEO). It also boasts numerous theme options so we can find the perfect one for your business. Then, our web developers go in and customize the theme so it fits your vision perfectly. This once again, allows us to create the best website possible in half the time. Our WordPress websites give clients user-friendly SEO tools allowing them to also contribute to their own content too.

Custom Post Types (CPT)

CPTs are essentially layouts that can be used over and over again. Our custom post types exceed the industry standard and include abstract content and META data from the page view code. This ensures that the CPT is lean and fast so your organic rankings never take a hit. It also reduces publishing time because we can create layouts for landing pages, core website pages, and blog posts. Then, all you have to do is focus on content optimization. 

Form Design & Notifications

Our web design team builds intuitive and secure forms that will display properly on any device. They can be designed to ask a question, schedule an appointment, or streamline any other call to action you’re promoting on your website. Then, our hostmaster sets up a delivery system so you see all notifications and don’t miss out on a potential sales opportunity because it got lost in your spam folder. 

Podum SEO Tools

Our web development team will install and configure SEO tools that help our copywriting team publish informative content that drives sales. These game-changing tools allow us to update META descriptions, adjust keywords and keyphrases, and write eye-catching product or service descriptions. 

Sitemap Generator

Your website needs an XML sitemap to ensure Google’s crawlers properly index the website. We publish your sitemap to Google Search Console which helps your content get discovered easily on organic search results pages. 

Object Cache & Page Crawlers

Rise Local uses object cache to store query results and bring them back quickly whenever the information needs to be accessed. This reduces the load on our servers and makes your website load faster which Google loves. Our page crawler assists in speed optimization by keeping the object cache fresh and ready to perform. 

Podum Website Security

We take several precautions to ensure your website is built to withstand online threats. This is especially important for businesses that accept online payments or request private information over the Internet. The security measures we take include SSL certificates, malware detection and removal, and a Web Application Firewall (WAF), which inspects requests and blocks malicious users and bots. We also regularly backup your content on our servers to ensure you won’t lose anything if your website goes down or is attacked. 

Dallas Digital Marketing Agency Specializing in Local SEO

Rise Local is the premier web development, local SEO, and reputation management agency in Dallas, Texas. Contact us today with any questions or schedule a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help your business flourish in a competitive market. We\’ll help you get started with Podum and take control of your online presence without breaking your budget.