Social Selling is the First Digital Marketing Strategy You Should Master in the Profit Playbook

Successful businesses are active and engaging on social media platforms to build brand awareness and attract potential customers. Social selling is at the heart of these efforts, nearly eradicating the need for cold calling! Now, instead of pitching a product or service, you can make sales by creating an experience and building a relationship. Turn the buying and selling process into a social experience. This builds brand loyalty and encourages followers to become superfans and recurring customers. Thanks to technology, we are all digital neighbors. Now, your business can engage with hundreds of potential prospects at the same time!  

What Is Social Selling?

Social selling allows businesses to connect with potential customers on social media and build a relationship with these potential leads. This tactic helps your business reach its sales targets. By actively connecting with prospects online, you are spreading brand awareness. If you educate potential customers and continuously interact with them, they will think of you when they require your service.  

Here’s an example of social selling: Jason is a salesman for a commercial trash removal company. Ally is opening up a business nearby. She is looking for flooring contractor recommendations. This is a perfect opportunity for Jason to begin a conversation with her. He sends her a message listing local flooring contractors he’s worked with. 

By reaching out to Ally, he is bringing awareness to his own brand. Ally will see in his profile that he works for a commercial trash removal company. Since he helped her, she will likely think of him when she needs a dumpster or junk removal services. It’s as simple as that. To continue the conversation, Jason can send a follow-up message in the next week and continue nurturing the relationship.

What Are the Benefits?

When your company consistently shares content and optimizes its social profiles, more people will engage with your brand. Brand visibility is hugely affected by this sales tactic. Sometimes, people don’t know about your brand or the value it can provide them. So, by sharing useful and engaging content with potential customers, you establish credibility and become more recognizable. 

When you prioritize social selling, your company’s website will receive more traffic and clicks. Once brand visibility increases, people will be curious about your solutions and will want to learn more. This is exactly how social selling turns into quantifiable sales. Once you get your social media followers to visit your website, you’re one step closer to closing the deal. Focus on growing a relationship, instead of constantly selling. Then, consumers will feel more confident and ready to buy from you when the need arises. This approach is much more effective than trying to pressure sell to someone before they need your product or service.

Platforms for Social Selling

All you need to start social selling is social media. Although, you should choose your primary social media platform based on your business and target audience. Each platform comes with a unique audience and benefits. Twitter is a casual virtual space where conversations can flow naturally. Instagram is a great platform to capture your audience’s attention. You can also show your product or service in action. LinkedIn is a more formal platform, and you can connect with customers directly to build professional relationships and show your expertise. 

While these platforms are different, they’re all great for building relationships. You can comment and like posts to show that you are actively listening to your consumer’s concerns and recognizing their achievements. Whatever social platform you decide on, you should prioritize building meaningful relationships with your followers. 

Social Media Management at Rise Local

If you are ready to step up your social media game and increase high-quality sales leads, contact Rise Local today. Our social media experts offer consultations and social media management services to expand your company’s impact and brand awareness. We understand the power of social media, and we will aid you with the best tools to establish lasting relationships with your customers.

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