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Stock Images Do Little To Make Your Business Stand Out And Increase Search Visibilty

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Stock photos are great in a pinch or when you’re just starting out, but they won’t sell anyone on your company. There just isn’t a human element for people to connect with, and people may even feel as though they’re being tricked. Smiling models wearing polos in a brightly lit studio seldom represent the actual company, especially if you operate a service-based business. You should also avoid using stock photos of your office and staff members because when people walk in, everything will seem unrecognizable.

This minor falsification could ultimately cause you to lose a sale. People crave authenticity and you need to exhibit that on your website, social media, and in day-to-day business. Rise Local’s on-location media photography services help make sure you’re effectively and authentically representing your business. 

Dallas-Fort Worth Business Photography

Rise Local has numerous photographers who can meet you on location no matter where you’re located. Whether that’s at your office or out on a job depends entirely on your specific needs and marketing goals. Regardless, a brand photoshoot on location allows your company to show off all that it has to offer. 

Potential customers also want to know what to expect when someone is working around their home or business. They particularly enjoy seeing finished products and complete services. Capturing this proof of work helps establish credibility, and increases the likelihood they’ll shop with you. On-location media photography also helps people imagine themselves utilizing your services because they can see what staff, uniforms, equipment, and vehicles will be arriving at the job site. To further satisfy their curiosity we can even take company headshots or videos on the job to create an additional layer of authenticity. We like capturing different content types while we’re out on a shoot because it gives you more options for what to share online.  

Brand Photography

Now, you may have already established a brand guide complete with colors, logo design, fonts, and more. The photos associated with your brand should mimic the aesthetic outlined in that guide. Crisp, clean, and cohesive shots will take your business to the next level. Too often, people publish mediocre and poorly lit photos because they think they can’t afford a professional brand photographer, or they just don’t think it’s important. This mindset will only hurt your business. 

We believe that on-location media brand shoots are important, which is why we strive to keep this service affordable for our clients. Together, we’ll ensure you make a better first impression on potential customers than your competitors.

Rise Local Business Photography

This location media-based storytelling is the key to improving customer engagement on multiple platforms. The photos we take while you’re on a job can be used in many capacities. They can be used on your website, for blog posts, social media, business cards, promotional materials, packaging, and so much more. 

Just tell us a bit about your business, and Rise Local’s experienced media production coordinator will take care of the rest. We will put together a custom shot list, schedule the shoot, send out a photographer, and promptly edit and publish the photos to your website. We’ll also put your images on a convenient Google Drive so you can use them on your social media accounts. Not sure how to get started with a social media plan? Well, our social media marketing team can help you figure out the best publishing schedule and captions to share the photos with your audience. 

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