Local TV Advertising

Looking to expand your advertising reach beyond online platforms? Rise Local has got you covered. In addition to our expertise in paid search and digital marketing, we also specialize in local TV advertising, as well as radio, and billboards. Our tenured media specialists will work with you to DISCOVER your goals, PLAN a marketing strategy, DESIGN a campaign, and IMPLEMENT all of the aspects of launching your ad campaign. As time goes on, we will monitor and OPTIMIZE your campaign to fit your changing business goals. 

By combining the power of outbound media and online advertising, we can help you reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or service, announce an upcoming event, increase awareness or build trust with your audience, we have the team to guide you.  

Why TV Advertising Works

TV advertising is still the leader in capturing an audience’s attention and building trust in your brand. There’s a reason why big brands pay millions for 30 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl! 

However, even though the big national campaigns give off the perception that TV is  expensive, we have the ability to narrow down your TV ad delivery to a high-propensity audience while excluding those that don’t fit your preferred targeting.  As a result, this mitigates marketing waste and trims down the amount that you need to spend to have an effective TV campaign.   

With so many options in TV Media, there is a fit for every type of business. Whether you want to target 5 million people in D/FW, a 5-mile radius, or that elite 5% that qualifies to be your client, we can create a TV marketing plan that fits your business needs, with a budget that is realistic and brings ROI. 

Streaming TV Advertising

Now that a lot of young people are using streaming services you may think there’s no point in investing in TV advertising.  However, people of all ages are watching TV in many ways, sometimes multiple ways in the same household.  Most Streaming TV is watched on a big screen on the wall still, they’re just receiving the signal a different way.  To explain more, “Streaming TV” is television programming delivered via an internet connection rather than a coax cable or satellite dish box.  In the past we thought of “Streaming” as TV on-the-go, but this isn’t the case anymore.  

For example, Spectrum TV homes have access to watch cable networks like HGTV, ESPN, FOX News, and such, via their cable TV box.  But these homes also have TVs in their bedrooms, kids’ rooms and garages, and they can be using the Spectrum TV app via a smart TV, or a device like Roku or Firestick. This defines those “boxless” TVs as “streaming”.  So the ads seen there are “OTT” or “Streaming TV” ad insertions and most likely need to be purchased separately.

Another example is that DirecTV is no longer just satellite TV.  Most new AT&T Uverse or DirecTV subscribers are being channeled into “DirecTV Stream”, which is a streaming TV service with a box and a remote. Therefore, these homes will only receive Streaming TV ad insertions. 

We know this gets confusing, but we are on top of all of the TV advertising trends and are well-connected with all of the media companies, so we take all of the stress away from you by handling all of the placements for you.

Show, Don’t Tell.

Whichever way that we send out your ad messaging, local TV advertising is a great form of marketing because you can create the demand for your company offerings. With the perfect balance of audio and video, you can elicit an emotional response and increase the likelihood of viewers purchasing your product or service. Messaging aside, it also gives viewers a clear view of what you’re offering and it may pique their interest quicker than a short website description or static image on social media would. TV advertising allows you to show how your product functions and helps viewers visualize how they could use your product in their daily lives.  People like familiarity, and TV allows you to enter the household conversation.

Rise Local Television Media Marketing 

The marketing experts at Rise Local can provide you with more information about our TV advertising services. We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to formulate an effective marketing plan, and craft high-quality advertising content that will drive sales leads. Your initial upfront investment will be well worth the price tag when you see a rise in brand awareness and an uptick in calls. TV advertising is known for its fantastic conversion rates.

It’s just a matter of understanding who your audience is and putting the right material in front of the right eyes. 

TV Commercial Production

Rise Local can also help with your initial content creation needs. From idea-generation, to script writing, casting, filming, and editing, our team will be there with you the entire process.  Having the right concept paired with precise targeting will help your brand become stronger and generate leads for years to come.  

We Are Your Complete Marketing Solution

Rise Local is a full-service digital marketing agency that also specializes in local TV advertising. We have offices in Dallas, East Texas, and Houston, Texas. As an agency, we provide expert advisors that can assist with all parts of your marketing or advertising needs. Give us a call today to get started or to learn more about our solutions!

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