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Paid Search Can Effectively Grow Your Business

Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube all share one common attribute, paid advertising and media buying abilities for businesses. They all depend on paid advertising as their source of revenue. While our SEO agency grows business with organic search, the reality is Google will do over $100 billion in paid ads this year. The others are reporting revenue in the billions as well.

These paid media campaigns bring a great opportunity or a problem for the advertisers. Yes, Businesses use them. Yes, you can reach users In Dallas. Which paid advertising is more effective? Which isn’t effective? Which brings profitable revenue, and which causes losses? Rise Local is here to help.

Almost Any Paid Search Can Be Profitable

The truth is that a well-crafted, maintained daily campaign is capable of delivering results for Businesses. However, for most businesses, the 80-20 rule applies. 80% of the results come from 20% of the advertising. The issue with that is most of the time they don’t know which 20%.

The right way to run paid, online advertising is with a specific goal set beforehand, and then optimize the campaign to achieve that goal. Instead of buying ads based on a budget, you should be marketing based on a goal, while still keeping a budget in mind. Some Businesses choose to spend only a certain amount per month on marketing, and that’s all they do. Then they see if the results were worth it.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea to form a strategy to set goals, decide if you are targeting a geography like Dallas, deliver targeted paid ads based on those goals? That is what we do at Rise Local.

Paid Advertising Requires Daily Maintenance

Whether using Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, or other web marketing platforms, one thing is certain– your paid advertising must be maintained daily. Results will vary by ad, cost, and competitors. When working with an ad agency In Dallas, advertising is not standing still – it is a fluid marketplace with competitors moving in and out, raising and lowering bids, and fighting for your customer’s attention. Advertising in display ads is no different. On a daily basis, we proactively manage our client’s paid advertising to meet their goals.

Some of those tasks include:

  • Creating and split testing display ads
  • Creating and split testing ad copy
  • Testing placement of ads for performance
  • Buying paid media on different sites
  • Buying paid ads at different times of day and days of the week
  • Monitoring activity and conversion rates
  • Adjusting bidding strategies and campaign elements within display advertising to drive the desired results

Remember, there are challenges with display advertising:

Advertising online with paid search can be extremely expensive, especially with budget and resources wasted on solutions that do not generate growth or profitability. Deploying the wrong advertising, even at a low price can waste a fortune. Money wasted on paid advertising is also a lost opportunity for your business.

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