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cPanel is essentially a user-friendly control dashboard that helps us manage your web hosting server. Our cPanel servers use LiteSpeed cache on an Nginx server architecture instead of Apache which gives us an advantage over our competitors because it’s faster and offers optimal web performance. By including LiteSpeed caching tools by default, our websites are specifically designed for companies operating on that scale.

This technology reduces the load on our servers and is another way we keep your website operating fast. It also saves you from installing a plugin to make your website run faster, which would just be another cost on top of your other expenses. Some elements you can manage with cPanel Hosting includes website file organization, software installation, email account management, domain, and subdomain creation, and password and security management. cPanel is designed to make web hosting more desirable to the average user.

Spend More Time Running Your Business

Rise local offers an exceptional cPanel web hosting experience for small businesses that value reliability and control. We manage your server\’s requirements as well as manage your website content. Combine the efficiency, performance, and flexibility of cloud web hosting with the user-friendly features of cPanel Hosting. Rise Local allows you to spend less time maintaining your website, and more time on running your company.

Rise local Web Hosting is a Complete web hosting solution with features like Unlimited disk space, Unlimited bandwidth, Full Root Access, Unlimited subdomains, Automatic daily off-site backups with free restoration, and more. Rise local strives to provide online businesses with an affordable web hosting solution using state-of-the-art data centers to ensure stability and security.

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