6 Ways Rise Local Seriously Increases Landing Page Conversion Rates

A good landing page may be just the thing to convert interest to sales. Landing pages can be used for exploratory searches or leveraged for paid ad campaigns. However, you’ll need to be careful about the language you use. For a landing page to be effective, you need to be acutely aware of who your target market is and what you want them to do. Sales copy needs to target a specific demographic at a specific place in the sales journey. If your message is too broad, you will have a high bounce rate because it’s too generic and doesn’t address their specific issue. Meaning you’re also not offering a custom resolution. You want to avoid this, especially if you’re paying for those views with a PPC campaign. 

Below, we’ll share some of our insights about what should be included in a landing page to make it effective.

One Call-To-Action (CTA) Placed Above The Fold

Use one CTA to capture paying customers but offer different locations if you have a multi-location business

Generally, you’ll only need one CTA on a landing page. You should already have an idea of what action you want the person viewing it to take. Some people use a dual call-to-action, but that should only be used on other areas of your website that target a broader audience. Whereas, if you’re spending money on a paid ad campaign, you’ll want them to take a profitable action. Now, isn’t the time to offer a second CTA to capture people who aren’t ready to buy.

Effective Headline

Your headline should be eye-catching and entice people to keep reading. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice clarity just to be witty. Make sure customers can understand it, but that there’s clear value or promotion that sets you apart from your competition.

Website Contact Form 

Use a website contact form on your landing page so people can easily request more information or book you.

This is an essential part of any landing page. If you make people search for a way to contact you, you’ll likely lose them. Instead, you need to include a form at the top so people can easily reach out to you for further information.

Testimonials From Past Customers

This is perhaps one of the most important elements of a landing page. People want to know that you’ll do what you say you can do. If you have a long list of positive reviews, it’s more likely that they’ll hire you. Include 3-5 reviews that represent the demographic or industry you’re targeting, who bought into the service you’re advertising. For companies hoping to rank in a specific geographic region, you may also just consider incorporating testimonials from people in that area. This can also help your local SEO efforts and help you capture organic searchers in addition to people who come to you through a PPC campaign.

Effective Visuals

This is an incredibly important part of any landing page. People need visuals to help them break down all of the information thrown at them. Nothing will scare someone off faster than clicking on an ad and being met with a wall of dense text. You should include a picture of the product or service, a process picture, an infographic breaking down key points, and you should make sure all of the imagery and colors align with your brand guide. Consistent messaging is vital to converting customers, and that goes all the way down to visual messaging. 

Make Your Point Quickly With Bullet Points

People want to get important information fast. If they like what they see, they’ll dig in deeper.  A good way to do this is to list what makes your offering the best around. 

Dallas Sales Copywriters and Landing Page Experts

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