Meet The Web Development / Website Support

Jingle Grace Gratz

Web Development / Website Support

Jingle is an expert website developer who builds new websites, revamps or rebuilds existing websites for our current clients, offers excellent customer support including website edits and updates, and assists in site developments. Not to mention, she also helps with publishing content and creates templates and layouts for core expansions. She’s a force you want on your team.

More About Jingle Grace Gratz

Jingle knew she was destined to be a web developer after she took her first computer science class in college. She loved the challenge and her insatiable curiosity eventually lead her to web development. She graduated from Camiguin Polytechnic State College in the Philippines with a BS in Computer Science and now she’s a savvy website developer with over 10 years of experience creating all kinds of website developments ranging from eCommerce to service area oriented businesses. She has built and designed hundreds of websites, and handles media editing projects. Her customer support is unmatched and is always ready to assist in anyway she can. She’ll make your brand stand out–and that’s an understatement.