Meet The Senior Account Representative

Jeff Sellars

Senior Account Representative

With 25 years of experience in marketing and advertising, Jeff is a seasoned veteran who excels in digital media and cultivating long-term partnerships. Jeff offers a strategic vision and innovative approaches to drive businesses forward in the ever-changing digital landscape.

More About Jeff Sellars

I have a diverse skill set encompassing a broad spectrum of disciplines within the marketing landscape. My journey has been nothing short of remarkable, taking me through various roles that have shaped me into the accomplished professional I am today.I have a knack for recognizing opportunities as well as exceptional sales acumen that has created remarkable successes in acquiring new accounts. I have consistently demonstrated an ability to identify and cultivate partnerships that yield long-term growth and profitability.I am committed to fostering strong client relationships and providing top-notch service and have been instrumental in retaining key accounts and ensuring their satisfaction throughout their journey with our company.Having served in executive roles, I possess a strategic vision that extends beyond traditional marketing. My leadership, expertise & experience in marketing, finance, and margin analysis as an executive have played a pivotal role in steering companies towards achieving their growth and financial objectives. I have successfully led new market start-ups, navigating uncharted territories with confidence while building strong foundations for sustained growth and success.As technology reshaped the marketing landscape, I embraced the digital revolution with a passion. With an innate curiosity and a desire for learning, I quickly mastered the intricacies of digital media, transforming my strategies to harness immense potential. Today, I am a trailblazer in leveraging cutting-edge digital techniques to deliver outstanding results for our clients.Throughout my career, my commitment to excellence, integrity, and relentless pursuit of success has earned me a reputation as an industry advocate. I am a firm believer in the power of marketing to drive businesses forward and passionately advocate for leveraging innovative approaches to stay ahead in today’s competitive marketplace.As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, I remain unwavering in my pursuit of staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies. My forward-thinking mindset, combined with my wealth of experience, positions me as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to carve their niche in an ever-changing digital world.Whether it’s transforming your marketing strategies, exploring new avenues for growth, or achieving unprecedented success in the digital realm, I feel I am a driving force that customers need to build a future of prosperity and success.Connect with Rise Local & Jeff Sellars today and embark on an extraordinary journey of marketing excellence.