Rise local’s hosting infrastructure is called Zonedock. We built it for one reason. To get your website ranked!

You see, a few key players make up the bulk of the web hosting market, we affectionally refer to this evil empire as Big Host. Not because we don’t want to name names. We just don’t want to get sued. (Check out the blog. A lawyer told us posts are protected free speech. God, we hope that’s true.)

Anyway, what you, the business owner, needs to know is that in the dead of night Big Host is slowing down your website and killing your SEO rankings. All that time and money you spent building the website, finding the SEO expert, and setting up your Pay-Per-Click campaigns is wasted if your site is slow. Don’t let it happen to you.

Yes, we are much smaller than Big Host, but that’s not because we don’t know what we are doing. Nope, it’s just the opposite. Our team has a ton of experience in this space. In fact, we use the EXACT same tools Big Host uses….. We just configure and support them differently to get a better result.

Most hosting is sold on a cost plus model. In financial terms that means the prices are so low and the margins are so tight that there are no pluses… for business owners anyways. But don’t worry, Big Host is fat, dumb and happy. Thats because they fired all the local support staff and outsourced customer service oversea because that’s what the MBAs told them they needed to do to maximize profits.

Of course, we think that’s a nearsighted solution that is not in anwhere close to serving local business owners’s best interts or needs, and that MBA are full of….Anyways, back to what makes our Web Hosting awesome! Let’s review the stack.

First, we put the physical web server in markets we serve because close servers helps websites load faster so content ranks higher in search engines. Yeah, really. Think about it. Fewer hops means faster web pages that search engines need to satisfy the searcher’s user experience.

Second, the content we serve is stored and retrieved on powerful, lightening fast SSD drives with dedicated CPU and lots of ram. Each server sits in a fully managed datacenter with enough bandwidth to do anything we want, much less need.

Our web servers us CloudLinux. We love CloudLinux because with it we can deliver dedicated web server performance in a shared server environment. Sure, it’s cost us a little more money, but you need it to get the best results.

Like every other web hosting company, we use cPanel. But unlike Big Host, we don’t give you a re-skinned, or even worse, striped down version of cPanel that doesn’t even look at cPanel. Nope, every thing you need to publish and protect content is on by default.

We didn’t stop there. Instead of Apache our cPanel servers use LightSpeed. Why? Because it’s faster.

Also, since most small businesses use WordPress we decided to include LightSpeed Caching as well. Otherwise you would need to purchase, install and configure a plugin to make WordPress run as fast as it can.

Most importantly, we have real, local support. Our call center is in Dallas, Texas. It’s up and running Monday – Friday. We close for the weekend because we never go down.

Just kidding about that last part. Like all hosts, we go down every once in while. The difference with us is that we are really good about finding and fixing the issues before you do. With Big Host you got to find your on issues, call, sit on hold, and then dictate what’s happening to “support” who fills out a ticket to forward to the the actual tech. The back and forth can take a few days. Don’t be supried when Big Host tells you your issue is a web hosting issues…. they don’t support broken websites. Call your website developer!

At Rise Local if you need support you talk directly to the techs managing the servers and taking care of your website. We are engineered to deliver a true commercial grade hosting service, with better support at a lower price.

That’s Rise Local web hosting, baby! Ready to serve!

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