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Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available to businesses, easily surpassing other social media platforms. This is because of the sheer number of people using email. Only 79% of Americans use social media, while 91% use email. This means that by utilizing email you can easily disseminate newsletters and promotional materials to more people.

On average, email generates $38 for every $1 spent. This is a 3,800% ROI making it one of the most effective digital marketing options available. Email sequences, advertisements, and promos are great to keep your subscribers up to date on new products, sales, and company news. Having a dedicated email also makes it easy for current and prospective customers to reach out to you for support. 

Company Domain Email Creation

One of the first steps is to set up company-branded email addresses for employees. When email addresses are set up through a company-managed email account it makes it easier for coworkers and customers to find the person they need to communicate with.

Departmental Email Accounts & List 

You can also decide which employees you want to be accessible to the public. We can help you set up departmental accounts. Then, only one account will be publicly accessible, and relevant information can be passed on. Rise Local can help you determine the right ratio for employee-to-customer accessibility. We will also educate you about how to forward departmental emails to the proper party, and channel customer inquiries with no manual effort.

Targeted Messaging

Email isn’t just important as a way for customers to reach out to you. You should also be leveraging this method of communication to remarket to consumers and build relationships. Email is beneficial because you can control your message, whereas social media tends to integrate a lot of outside information and opinions. You also have to contend with the ever-changing algorithms to get your content seen on various social media platforms.

It’s incredibly important to establish an email marketing plan to maximize customer engagement and loyalty. Many online marketers will agree that email marketing is the best form of remarketing you can do to connect with previous customers. The key challenges are building up and maintaining a clean email list of subscribers, customizing messages, and scheduling email blasts. 

Once you commit to an email strategy your subscriber list will start to grow. Your subscribers might want information, support, or they may just be ready to go all-in with your company. Regardless, you need a clear email marketing system and strategies for different customer situations to ensure that you can get the right information in their inbox when they request it.

Email Marketing Copy

Our copywriters know that you need to stand out amid the onslaught of advertisements and junk mail bombarding prospective client’s email inboxes. That’s why we craft-friendly and personable content to appeal to your target market. Our content can quickly turn first-time buyers into recurring customers, and recurring customers into loyal lifetime clientele.

We can grow your email list, nurture leads, and boost customer loyalty with strategic email marketing. Whether you already have a healthy email list, you’re finally ready to update your CRM, you’re just looking to increase sales, or you need help getting started with email automation, Rise Local can assist you. 


When you hire Rise Local, you don’t have to worry about gaudy and cliche email content that’s full of typos. Our high-quality email content is specifically made to benefit your customers and keep them engaged. No matter the size of your company, you can benefit from strategic email marketing.

Our work can increase brand awareness and keep you relevant in even the quickest moving industries. Email automation can help save you time and money as well. You won’t have to worry about talking to each individual customer or responding to queries that could have easily been answered in an email. Our personalized messages provide useful information that’s sure to grab your customer’s attention.

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