How to Dominate Local Search Using Rise Local SEO Tactics

Local SEO is an important part of any marketing strategy, especially for small businesses. Multi-million dollar conglomerates are always going to be able to throw inordinate amounts of money at advertising campaigns. This allows them to saturate a wider market, but it’s ineffective. Small businesses and startups, however, should work smarter and focus on local search optimization efforts. This allows you to put important information about your company directly in front of your target audience or most ideal customers. You can drown out all of the noise by crafting product descriptions, service descriptions, and blog content specifically for the people in your area who will actually hire you. This will ultimately save you money on ads and convert to more sales leads. Local search and Local SEO drive more foot traffic, phone calls, and form submissions at a lower cost than ads on Google and Facebook.

Rise Local is a full-service Dallas digital marketing agency. We are dedicated to helping local businesses fully optimize their content and grow their business. One of the ways we help clients dominate local search results is by focusing on location presence management solutions and web content publishing expertise.

Google My Business for Local Search Needs SEO for Local Pack Rankings

One of the first things we’ll help you do is set up and optimize your Google My Business page. This is a great tool because it helps potential customers find you easily on Google. The first 3 results on the Google search engine results page when you add a product/service and geography, what we call CAT/GEO term into the search is called Local Pack results. Once you click on the \”More Places\” link below for the Local Finder maps results. Think of it as the replacement for the yellow pages printed edition. Once we help you verify and properly own your business on Google we can optimize and add relevant information. We can help you get started and boost your customer engagement. Some basic elements like writing a catchy and complete description or uploading nice and professional photos, and encouraging customers to leave reviews will help you outrank local competitors. Once that’s done, it’s time to get into publishing and connecting your website\’s structured data.

Publishing quantity is important, but it’s not everything

Now, just about every digital marketing agency will tell you that publishing is important unless they are the types doing snake oil SEO. If they don’t, that’s a big red flag because consistently publishing content is what will make you rank in search engine results pages (SERP). You should publish a lot, whether it be web pages or blog posts. This is a no-brainer. Now, other digital marketing agencies may take the easy way out and set up a weekly schedule of content publishing, but you may notice a problem. No increase in traffic! This is because you need to offer quality content also. The information that you’re publishing on your website should be informational, accurate, engaging, and helpful. If it’s not, your potential customer will just click on the next website to find what they need.  You also need different kinds of content with different strategies to capture and convert these ideal customers. One of the most important factors in getting to the top of the Local Pack results is mentioning the words searched in your web content. The two work together!

Mentions in Your Website Makes a Difference

Set a publishing schedule

You need to maintain a consistent publishing schedule to build up the quantity of published content on your website. This will also help you establish authority. People will know that they can refer back to your website for fresh information on a certain day each week, month, or whatever it may be. The expert copywriters at Rise Local can craft a content calendar for your company and manage all of your writing and publishing needs. This is the ideal setup for business owners because you will start to benefit without having to dedicate your valuable time to writing. Our Copywriters can handle all of the product or service descriptions, location pages, and blog posts. However, if you do have something you want to say just send it over and we can edit, optimize the copy, and publish it for you!

What should you post?

The copywriters at Rise Local are well-versed in topic and keyword research and can help you determine what content is right for your brand. Once we determine your target audience and marketing goals, we can craft specialized content to engage them and achieve those goals. Some great blog topics to incorporate are community and company news, local events, local charity and volunteer work, customer guides, employee introductions, interviews, listicles, FAQs, and more!

Rise Local SEO Services

Local search optimization is the foundation of what we do here at Rise Local. When we take your company on as a client, the first thing we take care of is technical SEO. We want to make sure that you’re on our fast local servers and that your website is built to perform. Next, we move on to traditional SEO. Our copywriters and web development teams will ensure that all web pages and blog posts are fully optimized using keywords, tags, relevant key phrases, and all of the other tools in our toolbox! Get in contact with Rise Local today. We can perform a free audit of your website and give you an honest and comprehensive view of what we can do to help your company rank in search engines. Give the digital marketing experts at Rise Local the chance to help you accomplish your goals.

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