DNS Management

DNS Management Solutions That Save Time and Money

Rise local offers a DNS management solution for all businesses, built on the premise that it should be simple to manage your network and crucial domain names. With better discovery and functionality, our users get more out of their own domains. We make it easy for companies and individuals to manage their DNS, with a focus on performance and simplicity.

Once you own your domain name you need it connected to the server where your site is stored. DNS servers are arranged in a hierarchy and the searcher’s browser seeks information about your domain name to load your website. DNS returns an IP address, which allows your browser to connect to a website’s server and loads your website.

A good DNS service is an important part of a hosting infrastructure because it allows customers to consistently find your website and load it faster. We use name servers that run DNS software to store and host your name making DNS Management easier and more accessible than anyone else.


A domain controller is a server that responds to authentication requests and verifies users on the network. This can include login information like username, password, and other credentials. It can also ask security questions or perform “human authentication”. Domains help us organize users and computers on our network. The domain controller keeps all of the data on the server secure and organized. Every business needs domain controllers to protect company and client data. 

Domain Transfers

A domain transfer is just the process of changing the registrar of a domain name. You may also choose another hosting provider when you do this. We can help with DNS Management and transition to ensure you won’t lose any data. We can help you backup your website and make sure your server-side scripts can be installed and will run on the new platform.

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