Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are a great way of engaging with your customers while building goodwill towards your company. This type of marketing campaign is hyper-personalized and targets specific customer segments. Direct mail marketing is exactly what it sounds like. Your company simply sends physical items like corporate swag and non-perishable items to existing or desired customers. If you send apparel, you can even use customers as walking billboards!

Companies that run direct mail campaigns in conjunction with an online marketing campaign will stand out from the competition. Still, you should reference your brand guide before launching the campaign. It’s important to maintain consistent messaging across platforms to avoid customer confusion. Rise Local can help you establish your brand standards and provide suggestions about how to do this. By utilizing these marketing strategies, your business will appear more caring and approachable to potential and existing customers. 

Gifts Are a Nice Surprise

Direct mail goes straight into your customers’ hands. Studies show that 62% of Americans enjoy checking the mailbox for personalized and visually appealing mail. This is a particularly exciting discovery for folks who usually just get bills and junk mail. Getting real mail in the digital age is a unique experience, especially when compared to online marketing that disappears once you exit the website. Direct mail can be hung on a fridge or kept on the counter to remind customers about your products and services. 

Attention-Grabbing Marketing

It is easy to skip an online ad by scrolling past it with glazed-over eyes. But when it comes to mail, there is a tangible surprise waiting inside the envelope. This form of marketing is a lot harder to breeze by, and humans are naturally curious, so most people won’t hesitate to tear into a package. Even if they don’t keep the gift, your efforts won’t go unnoticed. 53% of Americans actually read every mail they receive and 21% scan it. So it’s likely worth your companies time to try it out. Direct mail is a very valuable medium for direct marketing. 

Direct Mail is Creative

People like receiving tangible stuff, especially when it’s free and waiting on their doorstep. The more creative you get with your direct mail campaign the better. This is your chance to make a lasting impression. Small gifts like corporate swag, a Pez dispenser, or a scratch and sniff allow potential customers to physically interact with your brand at home. Your products will no longer be only in their heads and imaginations. Now, they will have physical proof of what you have to offer and what your brand is about. Corporate swag doesn’t just advertise your brand, it lets customers become a part of a lifestyle. These campaigns build trust and familiarity.

Integrated Marketing

Digital marketing and direct mail campaigns complement each other beautifully. What makes digital ads and direct mail work so great is the interest creating headlines. All you have to do is stay consistent across different channels. A good headline is what makes your integrated marketing and brand copy work together to convert the user. Make sure your customer service standards, values, and authenticity come across regardless of how you choose to advertise your company. After you’ve completed your direct mail campaign, consider following up with an online survey or coupons and remarketing via email. You can even include a website address or a QR code for customers to scan and get fun, exclusive offers. 

Dallas Digital Marketing Strategists

If you want to get started on a direct mail campaign, contact us today and we can advise you about how to get started. We will create engaging copy and outline strategies that will ensure your campaign is a success. Give us a call and we can discuss ways to build brand recognition and loyalty for your company.

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