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Digital Marketing Strategy

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Components of an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is essentially a game plan. It\’s a comprehensive guidebook for reaching prospective consumers and converting them to loyal customers. A solid digital marketing strategy will evaluate what products or services the company is offering, including brand messaging, data about the target audience, and a variety of other important elements.

What makes a digital marketing strategy effective?

You need to offer something valuable to your audience. We know, we know, you\’re already offering a product. We mean something besides your product. The first thing you can do is provide high-quality informational content. This gives you the opportunity to address their problem, and explain how you can help resolve it. Next, it\’s important to target messaging efforts. We can get information about the demographics that are finding you, and create content that caters to them. The goal is that they\’ll then trust you and your product, and with a perfectly timed call to action, buy from you. Data can be kind of boring. But it helps us better understand how to construct engaging and creative solutions for your website and social media.

What are the steps to achieve your marketing goals?

First, you need to identify the challenges at hand. Are you getting outranked by your inferior competitors in local search results? Are people clicking off your website just as fast as they click on it? Is website traffic not converting to sales? These are all valid concerns, and the experts at Rise Local can help you discern why these issues are occurring.

Second, we can help draft a plan to eradicate these challenges. This may include using local SEO tactics to help you rank higher, posting engaging posts on social media to encourage interactions, or using targeted PPC advertising to get eyes on your website.

Third, we will determine a schedule, who is responsible for accomplishing specific tasks, and begin implementing the necessary changes.

Services that will help you rank

When you work with us, you\’ll hear this over and over. High quantity and high-quality publishing is the key to ranking in search results. There are so many options for content creation, so there\’s sure to be a method that works well for you, and also provides searcher\’s with useful information. For example, you could try:

  • Publishing a blog (this one\’s very important!)
  • Publishing more web pages (add pages about the services you offer or the areas you serve)
  • Start a Podcast
  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Do a giveaway
  • Experiment with advertising campaigns
  • Try out new social media platforms
  • Update Google My Business (GMB)
  • Offer a webinar or educational resources on your website
  • TV advertising

The possibilities are truly endless, and our expert staff can offer you guidance or services to help you mange them.

Rise Local marketing strategies

Rise Local\’s digital marketing team is comprised of street-smart marketing professionals and subject matter experts, with decades of digital experience. We have the platform, services, and support you need to tell your company’s story in a compelling way that promotes sales and business growth. Not only can we produce great content for you consistently month after month, but we can also handle all the logistics of publishing it in all the right places!

Rise Local is obsessed with producing great content and marketing campaigns at the lowest possible costs. We have no setup cost. Rise Local will free you from your current service providers and begin producing media for your marketing campaigns right away. We have no contracts. Simply pay for the services you need as you go with no long-term commitments, just a 30-day notice, please. We love helping customers accomplish their goals so we never charge for consulting. Once you become a customer our advice and time are included.

Don\’t wait any longer. Eliminate the noise and start focusing solely on your business. We will take care of everything else.