Why My Business Isn\’t Making More Sales Even Though My Keyword Rankings Are Increasing?

Building an SEO campaign that consistently makes your Dallas business website rank high on major search engines is only useful if the traffic that comes to it converts to qualified sales leads and a return on investment (ROI). So why are you getting more website traffic but not more sales? Well, it probably boils down to the content types you’re focusing on, the value proposition you’re offering, and if you’re targeting the right audience. 

Copywriting vs Content Writing

 Copywriting and content writing can are topics people often struggle to differentiate between. They both involve writing and presenting information to readers to sell them on a brand. However, copywriting tends to be more directly related to sales. Think landing pages, product descriptions, and service descriptions. 

Meanwhile, content writing is meant to engage, inform, and delight customers. Things like blog posts, downloadable content, and white papers can help establish your brand as an industry leader and help people connect with your overall brand, and increases the likelihood they’ll shop with you when they do need your services. 

Content writing is primarily used for expanding exploratory searches and increasing website traffic. Whereas, copywriting will seal the deal. If you’re not seeing your sales go up along with your rankings, it may be time to pivot to landing pages or create content that caters to potential customers who are in different areas of the sales funnel.

Value Proposition

This is something you should be acutely aware of, especially if you operate in an overly saturated market. You need to show proof of work– photos, videos, and testimonials of your products or services. Visuals help people understand your value and specifically what it is you can do for them.

It may also be wise to consider offering promotions to help capture potential customer’s attention before they notice your competitors. BOGO deals or 50% of a small service builds goodwill towards your company.  It’s important to ensure that what you’re offering is truly the best and that you are inviting people to use you as a resource. This is the key to generating repeat buyers.  

Ideal Customer vs Actual Customer

You may think you have a clear idea of who your customers are. You may want people in industries you like to use your service or your buddies. However, the data doesn’t lie. If you’re constantly targeting your ideal customer without checking metrics and analytics, you might be getting vanity metrics. Unfortunately, you’re also probably missing out on a customer segment that will actually pay for your services. Try to develop a customer profile and target them with your effective sales copy.

Dallas Marketing Experts– Driving Business Growth

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