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What Services Do Dallas Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

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What Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Offer?

There are a few marketing services that just about every Dallas digital marketing agency offers to clients. This may include graphic design, social media marketing, digital marketing strategy, website design, and many other things. 

Rise Local offers all of these digital marketing services and more. The main difference between us and other local marketers is that we don’t waste time or spend all of your money on strategy ideation. We know what works and we put it into action with website development, local listings management, public relations support, photography, copywriting, content writing, and whatever else you need to promote your business. As a small business ourselves, we understand that local businesses need to get the most out of their dollars and we help them do just that. Today, we’ll give you a breakdown of the services we offer and explain why they work so well for Dallas trades businesses, start-ups, and legacy companies. 

Website Design & Development

Our websites are built to handle a lot of traffic and drive profits. We also set our Dallas web developers up with the latest tech and tools so they can launch a high-performing website in two weeks or less. Rise Local’s web development team also streamlines your web build so we can make changes to media, copy, or templates at a moment’s notice and makes it easy for you to review what’s going up on your website or even publish content yourself! All of our websites include five core content pages to get you started which include the homepage, about page, service pages, and a location page. Once that’s done, we can take you to the top of the organic search results with some strategic search engine optimization (SEO). 

Copywriting & Content Writing

These two services are slightly different but both play a key role in establishing you as an industry authority and help you take over the local market. The purpose of copywriting is to drive sales and is frequently used in direct response marketing campaigns. Content writing is meant to educate, inspire, and delight customers. It turns former customers and interested buyers into loyal superfans who will repeatedly buy your products and advocate for you. Content writing is an important part of building a brand people care about and trust. Our copywriting will saturate your website, social media, print marketing materials, and more. Most importantly, it’s all written in your voice and we can even change the author name on blog posts to yours, helping you build credibility online and in the community.

Social Media Marketing

Another great thing about working with Rise Local is that the copywriting team and social media team work closely together to repurpose the written content you already paid for to improve customer engagement on multiple platforms. Our social media marketers also help you strategize, put together a publishing plan, create custom graphics, and build an online rapport with your customers. They also establish your brand so that when people looking to buy visit your social media profile to check your credibility they leave knowing they can trust you.

Local Search 

Local SEO is one of the most important services we provide for local businesses. Our local search team works hard to verify your business, list your company on popular navigation applications and manage your reputation through Google reviews. We also regularly update GMB photos and posts to keep you relevant and recommend ways for you to collect more customer reviews which in turn makes you rank higher in the map pack. 

Photography, Video & Design

Now, most agencies offer photography and graphic design services. However, ours specifically cater to local businesses that may be working with smaller budgets. Most of our clients have no interest in crazy animations or elaborate illustrations because they need to post frequently and share useful information instead of abstract concepts. Our designs are on brand and are designed to share important updates across multiple social media platforms and even your website! As for photography, we have a professional photography studio in our Dallas office or we can send one of our talented photographers to your location to capture environmental portraits, photos of you working, or even your products which are also great for Google My Business. Our award-winning videographers and video editors can also create enthralling promo videos that you can use on social media, your website, or even in TV advertising. 

PPC & Paid Advertising

This is generally something we recommend to our clients once they have a good website, plenty of media, and have established a strong value proposition. Then, they’ll be ready to start on paid ads because they’ll have everything they need to convert interested buyers into customers once they reach the website. Our PPC team is adept at targeting specific demographic segments, writing eye-catching headlines, and designing landing pages that will capture a searcher’s attention. 

Dallas Digital Marketing Services by Rise Local

If you’re a start-up, SMB, local business, or legacy company– Rise Local has the right digital marketing solutions to help you grow. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and one of our marketing strategists will put together a custom marketing plan for you that is well within your advertising budget. Let’s get started building a bigger and brighter future for your business.