Your Company Needs a Brand Story But Not in the Way You Might Think

You need a brand story to help distinguish your company as an established brand and overtake your competitors. People want someone or something to connect with, and this is where your opportunity to take over the market comes in. Brand storytelling helps you introduce potential customers to your brand’s values, mission, and core offerings. Then, it invites them to take part in the experience you have created.  

A brand story might not be what you think it is…

Your branding might include a style guide complete with fonts, color palettes, imagery and icon suggestions, and logo variations– but none of that is your brand story. Your brand story isn’t a generic about page or a sales pitch. It tells your company’s story, what you’re passionate about, and what the driving force behind your company is. It gives people something to connect to and invest in.

Storytelling isn’t sales copy

You might think people care if you have the best product or pour more money into paid ad campaigns than your competitors– but they don’t. In fact, if you oversell the logistics you’re going to start losing people’s attention. Whether that’s because the background information is too complex or too longwinded makes no difference, the end results will be the same. 

Humans are emotional creatures and they buy from people they like, with whom they share similar views or passions. People are tired of heartless corporations that chase minimalism so they can capture a larger market. People miss the days where mom and pop shops reigned supreme and you knew who the people you were shopping with were and what they stood for. If all you’re offering is cookie-cutter content, automated messaging, and corporate coldness, you’re going to miss out on what could’ve been a captive audience of superfans. 

The goal


Ultimately, you need to build credibility and establish a strong emotional connection with your clientele. You no longer need to rely on traditional marketing tactics where you have to make assumptions about your customers and re-evaluate the results later. No, now we have social media, email marketing, and various other channels to ask people what they like, don’t like, and cater to them. However, you shouldn’t let that feedback drive you to sacrifice your brand values. Use the information to craft a well-rounded brand that you believe in and customers care about.

How do I create a brand story?

Keep it simple and think about why you got started. No one wants to support a business that just got started because they wanted to make some money. They want to hear about an obstacle you encountered, a problem you were passionate about resolving, the person you were trying to make proud, or whatever else led you to where you are today. Inspire people by showing authenticity and sharing the real story behind your company.

In your bid to stay authentic, let your personality and beliefs shine through. Use your own language to shape the tone of your website and social media copy. Let it inform your media selections and how you engage with people who reach out to you. 

Now, if your natural manner tends to offend people, you may want to dial it back a bit. But generally speaking, you need to carve out a niche, and hypothetically speaking, the people in that niche will be similar to you.


Now, if your natural manner tends to offend people, you may want to dial it back a bit. But generally speaking, you need to carve out a niche, and hypothetically speaking, the people in that niche will be similar to you. They’ll appreciate your natural language, quirks, and mannerisms so don’t be afraid to lean into it. Make inside jokes, share unique tips, and tell relatable stories that people can engage with. 

More than just a brand


If your company has a higher purpose or gives back to the community– broadcast it! Do you own a bakery and donate day-old products to the local food pantry? Are you a lawyer that does pro-bono work? Are you a designer that donates t-shirt design proceeds to charitable causes? Does your business sponsor a local softball team? 

All of these are great ways that show you don’t just take from your community, but that you also give back. People like knowing you’re genuinely invested in bettering their lives and not just saying that on landing pages to get their money. When you’re building your brand, start thinking about what your legacy will be, and what people are going to remember you for when you’re gone. This is your chance to become unforgettable. 

A counter-intuitive marketing strategy

This may sound completely backward but the point of brand storytelling is to create relationships with no strings attached. Start conversations, relate to people, and share your knowledge. There will be plenty of time to convert those fans into sales later.

This strategy is effective because it creates advocates who will sell your company for you when you’re not even around and buy from you whenever the need arises. You’re going to want to try out brand storytelling whether you’re offering a product or service– guaranteed.


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