SEO Copywriting Increases Traffic and Revenue For Local Businesses

Clear, concise, and engaging copy is absolutely essential to every business. That’s right, we said it. Every business. Most times written content is the first glimpse potential customers have into your business. If they’re scrolling through social media they should find helpful, well-written content. Otherwise, they’ll just keep scrolling and may end up hiring a competitor, even though they stumbled upon you first.

Or perhaps you are running a PPC advertising campaign. Where will browsers go once they click on the ad? They should find themselves on a landing page that is readable and informative, answers all of their questions, and encourages them to fill out a contact form or call you. If you’re currently experiencing high bounce rates and low call volume, chances are you’re not currently fulfilling your target market’s needs. Rise Local can help change that with our exemplary market research and copywriting services. 

Website Copy

  • A worthwhile copywriting service will fully optimize your website to ensure you consistently rank at the top of Google search engine results pages (SERP). Still, that’s not all you need to think about. Hiring someone to take on the task of copywriting is beneficial because what matters to Google’s crawlers is that you’re offering useful content, the content is fairly lengthy, and you are publishing frequently.
  • When you’re running a business you likely don’t have the time to manage content needs. Also, if it’s not your area of expertise, the mechanics of SEO may allude to you. When you work with the Rise Local copywriting team, you can focus on doing good work, and we can make sure the online community knows about it.
  • Our copywriters can manage your content schedule, topic ideation, keyword research, meta-tag optimization, and more. That way whether we write copy for your landing pages, banners, service or product pages, location pages, or biographical pages you will be easy to find online and will hold potential customer’s attention for longer. With our content strategies and expertise in SEO, you will start to see improved conversion rates.

Product and Service Descriptions

A couple of important elements that you should always include in your website are product and service descriptions. Regardless of your industry, people want to know right away what you offer and what they can expect from you. No one wants to waste time calling up multiple businesses, just to find out you don’t offer what they’re looking for. In this day and age, accessibility is essential. A copywriter can provide potential customers with this information and encourage them to take action, all while maintaining your brand voice. 

Blog Copy

Blogs are beneficial for most companies, even in industries, you might not expect. The more you publish the more visible you’ll be in internet searches. The SEO benefit is enough to justify the cost to most business owners, but there’s more to it. Blogs give you the opportunity to connect with customers, share your knowledge, build brand loyalty, and allows you to exhibit your brand’s personality. 

Social Media

Copywriting for social media can also be an effective way of catching a potential customer’s attention. Good social media copywriting encourages viewers to join a conversation, and interact, it leverages emotional selling and engaging storytelling, and gives you the opportunity to rise above the chatter of other businesses in your industry. 

Email Marketing Copy

Copywriting for email marketing blasts is incredibly important. You need an enticing subject line to even catch someone’s eye as they skim through their cluttered inbox. Otherwise, you risk a trip to the trash without ever getting to share the information you worked so hard to compile. Once you grab their attention you need to avoid spammy content. Our copywriters will craft concise, error-free copy, that hooks the reader quickly and motivates them to buy from you. 


A newsletter is a great way to disseminate information about your company to subscribers and customers. Our experienced copywriting team can write excellent newsletters that are interesting to your audience. With a focus on customers and the problems your products or services can solve for them, it’s more likely they will follow up. 

White Papers

This copywriting service isn’t always necessary, but it’s an especially helpful resource for B2B vendors. Whenever you’re ready to introduce a new product, service, or methodology white papers are the way to go. This intensive and well-searched report establishes you as an authority in your industry and educates others on why they need your services. It can also build credibility with customers and investors.

Dallas Copywriting Services

If you require copywriting services don’t hesitate to contact Rise Local. We are a Dallas-based digital marketing agency offering copywriting services to businesses nationwide. Our copy is SEO optimized, clear, compelling, educational, and engaging. Once we complete core website content and establish a consistent publishing velocity you can expect to see an increase in sales leads that will help grow your business. 

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