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Get Control of Your Website IT and Marketing Assets - Rise Local SEO | Dallas Website Marketing Agency

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Get Control of Your Website IT and Marketing Assets

Identify Your Assets

Before we’re able to talk about managing digital marketing assets, you need to understand what they are. Your assets can include domain names, websites, social media accounts, email accounts, paid media, online advertising accounts, and more. To summarize, your digital marketing assets include all of the content, media, resources, and accounts your business has accumulated over time. Internally we call these assets by different names: media locker, SM profiles, and location master profile. They help our team determine what we have to work with, and how developed the brand is we are working with. 

Now that you know what digital marketing assets are, it’s easy to dive into what we can do to help you manage them. Sometimes, it seems like business could be better. Perhaps more phones could be ringing, or sales are a bit lower than expected. Well, Rise Local can help. Our domain registration, website IT, and marketing asset management services can help you discover areas of your brand that require more attention. Once we have a holistic view of your company and its assets, we can set realistic local campaign goals, create better marketing strategies, and obtain measurable SEO results.

Take Inventory of Your Accounts

Social media accounts are some of the most important assets you can have. Aside from your website of course! These two key assets speak for your brand and are tools you can use to gain your audience’s trust. That’s why your social media profiles need to be in the hands of an experienced local social media strategist. 

Taking inventory of these accounts means a lot of things. Mainly, it means you need to take a deep dive into how they’re performing. You’ll want to check everything from followers, social media post frequency, real and paid engagement, to review analytics to see what kind of impact your social media accounts have on website visits and sales. Social media is all about creating a brand story while building your social equity. 

With that being said, your social media messaging needs to engage your ideal customer. Your website must be simultaneously comprehensive and targeted to retain a potential customer’s attention once they click a link on your social media. To do this, your company needs to strike a balance between informational, engaging, and promotional. All of these things will help convert your followers to paying customers. 

Meanwhile, you’ll want to check keywords, ranking scores, and do an overall analysis of your online presence. This will illuminate gaps in your existing strategy and areas of opportunity.

However, there is a Rise Local standard for this process. Start with your domain. 

Get Control of Your Domain Names

Let’s talk about domains

Many businesses overlook just how important a good domain is. It’s the first thing your clients will see and the thing they will need to remember to visit your website again. A domain name is your first opportunity to establish a connection with your audience.

If your domain doesn’t reflect the brand or it’s too generic, you will need to buy a better one. You can take a look at what your competitors have done, but be wary of copyright infringement. Alternatively, you should buy up domain names similar to yours so another company doesn’t create confusion for customers and tank your ranking scores later down the road. 

Speed Up Your Website With Technical SEO

There are multiple things you can do to speed up your website. One of the things includes using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Technical SEO helps with the rendering, crawling, and indexing of your website. Simply put, this kind of SEO helps Google understand the purpose of your company and recommend it to people. By improving certain elements, your website can rank higher in search results. 

Rise Local solves technical SEO problems by hosting and optimizing our website stack. Better yet, the people working on your behalf are all experienced working with local entrepreneurs. We primarily serve companies that provide local services and products to businesses and consumers. This includes SMBs who have fixed locations, multi-locations, service-area businesses, and professional service providers who book appointments.

Naturally, a higher ranking in local search results ensures more engagement, visibility, and website traffic. It can also help you earn trust and build an audience because people are most likely to click on high-ranking websites first. You need someone focused on making those pages convert into customers. Rise digital knows information architecture and what user experience improvements to suit you and your clients better. 

Understand Your Website IT Support Options

Most SMBs require information technology (IT) support to keep their company operating smoothly. However, not all businesses need the same kind of support. For example, you might need IT support for your computer systems and software updates. Meanwhile, you may require the help of a digital marketing agency to maintain your website, domain registration, SSL certificates, website hosting needs, and more. It’s important to understand where your needs lie before hiring IT support. 

There are two main groups of IT support: in-house and outsourced support. The former implies you’ll have a staff IT expert in office. That person will be there and ready to help whether there’s a problem or not. They are best suited for managing your day-to-day technology needs on location. They’re likely suited to handling computer repairs, installations, malware removal, company email accounts, and the like. However, that doesn’t mean your IT guy needs to host your website. In fact, website IT is a whole different beast.

Outsourced website IT support means a company like Rise Local will help with website hosting, content publishing, and SEO support when needed. Some other website IT services we offer are domain registration and renewal, website hosting, local listings, and DNS. These are all essential to making your digital presence more prominent. When it comes down to choosing between the two options for your website utilities or webmaster role, it’s all about considering which one is a better fit for you. 95% of the time local businesses benefit from outsourcing hosting to Rise Local over IT guys managing a Godaddy or Hostgator account. This is because our servers are fast, our websites seldom go down, and the OpStar team resolves issues quickly.

Get Control With Rise Local

If you need SEO experts, local hosting, or even website marketing in Dallas, contact Rise Local today! We are a team of marketing experts that will help you come up on top. Our digital marketing agency has over ten years of experience and countless satisfied clients. We hope you’ll be one of them.

So, contact us to schedule a free consultation today or visit our Dallas office to get to know us in person.