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Marketing Content Types For Business Plans

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Best Marketing Content Types To Grow Your Brand

Just about everyone has heard about content by now. Influencers are making content for Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok. Marketers are making content for their clients. All of these creators are using content to build a loyal following and engage them. That’s exactly content marketing in a nutshell. It’s not necessarily about the hard sell. These people are just using media to stay relevant, foster interest, and grow a community that buys into what they say. Now, you may hear content marketing and immediately think of YouTube videos or blog posts, but there are so many other options out there! Today, we’re going to tell you about some useful content types you can introduce into your company’s content marketing plan. 


When you work with an SEO agency they’ll tell you skinny content is bad. Google’s algorithm prioritizes websites that offer robust and useful content. Ebooks help satisfy that requirement and offer a few other benefits along the way. First, they establish credibility and thought leadership. Writing a book (even a free one that’s only available digitally) is a time-consuming process. By publishing the book, you will establish yourself as an expert. The perks don’t end there though. Since you took the time to research and put together your thoughts, you are inadvertently growing your brand. This opens you up for opportunities to speak at conferences or work as a consultant. 


A webinar is a bit like an online course, but better for establishing your brand in many ways. If you’ve been around for a long time and people know your value, they may splurge on an expensive pre-recorded course. However, most people prefer a webinar because it’s live, they can ask questions, and it appears more authentic. When you go live, you have to pivot quickly and you show how knowledgeable you are on the spot. Recordings allow you to read from scripts, retake the shot, and avoid being put on the spot. Understandably, online courses elicit less trust than a webinar does. 

White Papers

This content type is typically utilized in the B2B sphere, but they are incredibly effective when trying to establish thought leadership. This is particularly true when your findings or beliefs differ from the industry standard, and you have proof that you’ve found a better product, service, or process. A white paper is a report used to present your solution to a problem the businesses you’re targeting or their clients’ experience. If you present a well-researched and well-written white paper to key decision-makers, you can generate qualified leads, increase brand awareness, and increase engagement. 


Podcasts are great. People listen to them while driving, working, exercising, running errands, and studying. It’s a conversational way of distributing your expertise, building relationships with interested parties, and generating followers that will advocate for your business. Better yet, your podcast can supplement your other marketing channels like blogging or social media marketing. The key is to just find your niche and be authentic. If you know your stuff and market yourself across

Rise Local Content Marketing Agency

Content marketing is a great way of building a loyal community. Investing in various forms of content can result in increased website traffic and sales growth. If you’re ready to incorporate content into your digital marketing plan, give us a call. We know what it takes to generate content people want to interact with. However, we understand that some content types can be costly and time-consuming to produce. But we’re here to help you and can repurpose content across different channels to ensure you saturate the market. Schedule a free consultation with us today to discover how we do it.