Content Targeting Discontinued in 2023: Here Are 7 Clever Ways to Get Ready Now

It\’s no secret that Google is constantly changing the algorithms that drive its search engine and ad platform. What may be less well-known is that these changes can have a profound effect on small businesses that rely on Google Ads to market their products or services. 

The latest change on the horizon is the discontinuation of content targeting tools in Google Ads. Content targeting allowed businesses to target ads to users based on the specific content they were consuming at the time. 

For example, if someone was reading an article about \”how to start a business,\” a business owner could target them with an ad for their business startup book. While this change may seem like a death knell for small businesses that rely on Google Ads, there are still plenty of ways to target potential customers effectively. 

Here are seven clever ones so you are not caught off guard when content targeting is discontinued in 2023. Let’s begin!

1. Use Keyword Targeting Instead of Content Targeting

Google Ads will still allow you to target ads based on keywords, so make sure you are taking advantage of this tool. You can use keyword targeting to reach potential customers who are searching for terms related to your product or service. 

2. Use Negative Keywords to Exclude Unwanted Traffic

In addition to targeting certain keywords, you can also use negative keywords to exclude traffic that is not relevant to your business. For example, if you sell women\’s clothing, you might want to use negative keywords to exclude men from seeing your ads. This ensures that your ads are only being shown to people who are actually interested in what you\’re selling. 

3. Use Audience Targeting to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Google Ads allows you to target ads based on certain demographics, interests, and even life events. This means that you can specifically target ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. 

4. Use Remarketing to Reach Previous Website Visitors

Remarketing allows you to reach people who have previously visited your website but did not take action. This is a great way to remind potential customers about your product or service and increase the chances that they will take action such as making a purchase or signing up for your email list. 

5. Use Geo-Targeting to Target Local Customers

If your business serves a specific geographic area, you can use geo-targeting in Google Ads to ensure that your ads are only being shown to people in that area. This is a great way to avoid wasting money on advertising campaigns that reach people outside of your target market. 

6. Use Ad Scheduling to Show Your Ads at the Right Time 

Ad scheduling allows you to control when your ads are shown during the day and week. This means that you can ensure that your ads are only being shown when people are most likely to be interested in them. For example, if you sell coffee, you might want your ads shown during morning hours when people are looking for their morning cup of joe. 

7. Try Different Ad Formats 

Google offers a variety of different ad formats, so it\’s important to experiment with different options until you find one that works well for your business. Some popular ad formats include text ads, image ads, video ads, and even interactive ads. The key is finding an ad format that catches people\’s attention and drives them towards taking action such as clicking through to your website or making a purchase.  

One Tactic Should Never Make or Break Your Marketing 

There\’s no need to panic about Google\’s decision to discontinue content targeting tools in their Ads platform—there are still plenty of other ways to reach potential customers online! 

By using keyword targeting, negative keywords, audience targeting, remarketing, geo-targeting, ad scheduling, and different ad formats, you can make sure that your small business stays ahead of the curve and continues growing despite this latest change from Google.

And if you need help navigating the waters ahead, you’ve come to the right place. Rise Local has many years of experience helping businesses stand out online, and we’ve been adapting and succeeding through numerous Google updates. We can help you thrive in this one. Contact us today to learn more!