Category Page SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial for brand exposure and your business’s growth. This tool is utilized to make content stand out from the competition and rank higher in search engine results pages, such as on Google. Blogs and other types of articles can be optimized greatly because there is a lot of content to work with and insert keywords into. However, it can be difficult to utilize SEO on a category page, since there is generally much less content on the page. Yet, category page SEO is a great resource to take advantage of. Here at Rise Local, our professional copywriters and web designers generate SEO content for all types of pages. Let’s take a look at what we can do for your business.

What Is a Category Page?

A category page serves as an index of all the pages and posts that you have on a general subject. For example, if you own a bail bond company, a category page can display all the types of bonds that you offer. Category pages address a broad subject and are usually one of the first pages to be viewed on your website. Then, subcategory pages are tailored towards a specific product or service.

Most of the time, category pages are overlooked as a vital piece of the marketing strategy. They are widely used, but many companies make the mistake of not applying SEO to these pages. 

How Rise Local Uses SEO on a Category Page

There are many different ways to implement category page SEO. Here are a few techniques:


We utilize SEO in your page’s title tag and meta description. A title tag and a meta description are added and accessed in a content management system. The title tag sets your page’s keyword theme. The meta description provides a quick snippet of what the page is about, with keywords too.

Introductory Text

Many category pages just feature images of products. This is unfortunate, since SEO relies heavily on content. However, it’s an easy fix! We can include a small block of introductory text. Within this content, we will utilize short head and long-tail keywords to optimize the page’s exposure. However, it’s important to avoid using keywords that seem forced. This will negatively impact your page’s ranking on search engines. 


Rise Local can interlink your category pages in blog posts and other pages that we create. Therefore, more traffic is directed towards these category pages. Since this type of page sits high on the site’s hierarchy, it benefits the most from interlinking. A category page serves as a basis of information for users. From there, potential customers can explore your products even further.

Team Up with Rise Local

Rise Local can take care of all your marketing efforts. Our team of copywriters and web designers will ensure that your category pages are always optimized. We use every available strategy to increase your SEO, and we do it naturally. Rise Local can also manage your social media, paid advertisement, and video creation. We provide comprehensive digital marketing services to SMBs all over Texas. Get in touch with us today, and let’s expand your exposure!

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