Automated Email Marketing is Essential for SMBs

Email is a common and widely used form of communication. In fact, 91% of the United States population uses email. Email allows you to reach a lot of people, with just a little effort. That’s why email marketing is so beneficial to small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). An email marketing campaign allows your company to stay connected with customers, inform them about your products, and update them about company news. Rise Local can create a custom email marketing campaign, and provide data so you can see the return on your investment for yourself.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns Are Easy to Measure

Email marketing campaigns allow you to easily track metrics. You can track numerous analytics, such as bounce, delivery, unsubscribed, open, and click-through rates. These will tell you which campaigns are effective. If people are interacting with your email blast, that means you’re on the right track. If not, it’s time to make some changes. Regardless, the email marketing campaign metrics will tell you how the campaign is affecting sales leads and revenue. 

Stay in Contact and Gather Feedback 

After a customer makes a purchase, make sure to thank them with a follow-up email. This shows that you care about their interest in your company. In addition to showing gratitude, this gives them the opportunity to give feedback (Hint: This is a great form of market research). It\’s also just best practice to personalize each shopping experience, and email can help.

Keep Customers Informed

Email campaigns keep your customers updated on new trends, products, and sales that are happening. Use email marketing to inform consumers about coupons and holiday deals. You can use email marketing to encourage immediate sales, share stories and promotions, or inform people about company events or local news. People want to know how they and their communities will be impacted, and what problems you can help them resolve. Now is your chance to show them.

Driving and Directing Traffic

A strong CTA, or call to action, at the end of an email, will help guide the viewer. The call to action may direct them to a blog, ask them to make a call, or encourage them to purchase something from an online shop. Ideally, the email will provide some benefit to them and increase the likelihood that they’ll take the intended steps. 

Email is Accessible

It has never been easier to check email from a mobile device. People can work, shop, or peruse promotions at drive-thrus, after basketball practice, or even during a lecture. Most people glance at their email each day if not all day. For many, email is an important source of communication, and people have been conditioned to check and reply to emails frequently. By having engaging and stylized emails, your brand will stand out from the spam, capture the consumer’s attention, and hopefully encourage an interaction.

Rise Local Automated Email Marketing Experts

We can manage your company’s email marketing campaign, and get your message in front of more people. Our team of local marketing experts will create an email marketing campaign that is customized for your ideal customers. Then, we can monitor the performance of the campaign to ensure this strategy is profitable. Rise Local can assist you with increasing your sales, updating your CRM, or getting started with email automation. Our copywriters craft personable email content to make you stand out from your competitors. If you want to learn more about our marketing strategies, contact us today. We will capture your audience’s attention for you!

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