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In 2015, Mike and John started working together to create a platform and refine the process to help local business owners attract and close business with their ideal customers.

We are your Local Dallas Marketing and SEO Experts.

Rise Local “officially” started in 2010 and has evolved and been growing rapidly ever since. We now manage over 150 companies’ hosting, SEO, digital marketing, social media management, and content creation needs. Mike and John, the founders of Rise Local, perfected a local marketing strategy to help local businesses attract leads and convert them into quantifiable sales.

With our revolutionary hosting and server architecture, local presence management solutions, custom website builds, SEO and digital marketing campaign support, and media production our clients will see an uptick in calls and foot traffic.

“Rise Local was founded on one simple truth: small business owners sharing their stories and expertise is the most effective form of marketing.”
Digital marketing experts meeting about marketing strategy
Mike Stewart
Founder / CMO

Growing Small Businesses For Over 20 Years

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What We Do

Our Concept

Here at Rise Local, we support small businesses and do whatever it takes to do right by them. We will meet you wherever you are. You just need to share your hopes, dreams, and aspirations with us and we’ll take care of the rest. Our dedicated staff is on standby and eager to craft a fully optimized marketing plan and manage all of your content needs. 

Our system works, and we want to put it to work for you. After all, sharing what we know is the neighborly thing to do.

The only thing we ask of you is to use us for hosting and not some Godaddy, HostGator, or another hosting provider you really can’t talk marketing to. Our hosting works better. Does that seem fair?

Who We Serve

Our Clients

We work for the little guys and local business owners who are looking to grow or build a brand. We work with privately-held businesses with strong ties to their communities, including fixed location businesses (FLB), service area businesses (SAB), and professional service businesses (PSB). We also work with local startups that have the experience and resources to hit the ground running. 

Our clients are the backbone of America. When the politicians said they wanted to shut down businesses and force new untested policies on them, we had their back. We updated their websites. We are here to help local legacy brands outshine, outrank, and outgrow the competition. 

How We Do it

Our Methodology

Our work starts with addressing the technical SEO issues in hosting and web development that most other agencies may ignore. We truly excel in this area, and it’s the first thing that sets up apart from the pack. Core web vitals are very impactful to your website’s performance.

Once we launch your brand new website on our local lighting-fast servers we’ll monitor the performance of your website and digital marketing services to ensure they’re fully optimized and converting. The content we create is high-quality and engaging, so we expect to see results! If you’re not growing fast enough, we’ll re-evaluate and retarget your content and PPC advertising.

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