A-EZ Out Bail Bonds: Taking Your Business to the Top of Local Search Results Pages Without Using PPC Advertising

This top-notch bail bond company has grown to be the #1 bond writer in the United States since Rise Local took them on as clients back in 2014. A-EZ Out Bail Bonds goes above and beyond for everyone who walks through their doors. They post bonds fast and with compassion because they believe everyone deserves a second chance and the opportunity to get their affairs in order before they stand trial. 

A TV advertisement filmed and edited by Rise Local for A-EZ Out that has aired on 27 major television networks.

Get to Know A-EZ Out Bail Bonds

A-EZ Out Bail Bonds is the #1 bonding company that folks around North Texas count on to educate them about the bonding process and get their loved ones released from jail. They have six convenient locations and proudly write bail and immigration bonds in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Denton counties. The owner, Eddie Salazar, has grown A-EZ Out to be a powerhouse bail writing service by taking the time to train his highly knowledgeable staff and investing in good marketing. Everyone at A-EZ Out goes the extra mile to ensure customers have a great experience, which is why they\’re one of the most trusted bonding agencies around. 

Focus on Organic Search and Attract New Customers


When A-EZ Out came to Rise Local for help seven years ago they were heavily dependent on paid search and were investing very little into organic search, meaning their local search rankings were pretty low. Once we onboarded them, we continued to lean into paid search and managed their website since it was helping the company acquire a steady stream of customers. 

However, our strategy did a complete 180 in 2018 when Google and Facebook prohibited bail bondsmen from using paid search to draw new clientele. That’s when we started pushing a local search strategy.

Three years ago, we started publishing blog posts for the company and took command of its online presence. Now, they hold the number one spot for hot keywords like “bail bonds” and “dallas bail bonds”.

Rise Local’s Impact on Local Search

A-EZ Out is now the #1 Bail Bond Company in the United States, writing over 1,000 Bonds a day– all from SEO and local search! So, how did we do it?

Local Listings

The first step in effectively marketing a local business is setting up a master profile. Our local search specialists ensured that A-EZ Out was represented on all major navigation applications, and their profiles were complete with a website link, relevant images, a snappy description, correct contact information, and more! We also help with reputation management and suppress duplicate listings that pop up and try to capitalize on our client’s good name.  

SEO Blog Posts


Search engine optimization became essential for bail bond companies everywhere once Google and Facebook banned PPC advertising for their industry. This new regulation went into effect in 2018, and Rise Local ensured that A-EZ Out wouldn’t take a hit by building the company’s online presence through blog posting and core website expansion. 

We generate useful content full of hot tips and solutions to common problems to help people find quick and reliable answers online. Once they find what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to give our client a call and request a bond quote. All the while, we’re expanding their website’s page count and helping them rank higher on search results pages. 

Social Media Marketing

Another key service we provide for A-EZ Out is graphic design and social media management. Our social media team creates unique graphics to promote services, blog posts, company updates, and even shares fun facts to help engage followers. Our goal for A-EZ Out’s social media channels is to further establish their credibility in a virtual environment. That way, when people are deciding who will post their bond, they’ll see a high-value brand that has saturated the market. 

TV Advertising

More recently, we started airing A-EZ Out advertisements on major networks like VH1, MTV, Comedy Central, and 24 other popular networks. The top-performing video which was filmed and edited by Rise Local has garnered 44,770 impressions resulting in 987 engagements in under a month, and that\’s just one of the commercials we have running for them! Even as younger generations switch to streaming platforms, TV continues to hold a huge, captive audience who are ready to spend their hard-earned cash on local products and services. There\’s never been a better time to get started with TV advertising!


Local Search and SEO Specialists in Dallas, Texas

Take control of your online presence, generate qualified sales leads, and see an increase in your profit with the help of Rise Local. Our full-service agency is staffed with the best and brightest, and we have what it takes to help you meet your goals without relying on pay-per-click advertising. Schedule your free consultation today so we can get to work creating a custom strategy that works for your business.  

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