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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 - Rise Local SEO | Dallas Website Marketing Agency

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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to conduct market research and stay current on digital marketing trends. This will help you adapt as trends change each year. You might have the best product in the world, but people need to know about it if you want to succeed. By utilizing these market trends you can gain valuable sales leads

But how does the market change? What are some new challenges and technologies we can use today to ensure a better future for our product? Let’s take a look at the digital marketing trends that are relevant in 2021. 

Social Media Platforms

Since social media has become so popular worldwide, it’s unimaginable that you would launch a promotion or ad campaign without utilizing at least one popular network. You might be focusing on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but ideally, you will have a presence on each of these platforms since it is a surefire way to reach a potential audience. 

Probably the most effective marketing trend today is using social media stories. This can allow everyone to see your ad while browsing social media. It’s simple yet effective, and there are so many creative ways to use this strategy. 

One of the things we can say with certainty is that social media will remain popular in the years to come. So, you’ll need to start thinking about it as soon as possible. 

Local SEO

We all know the importance of SEO, but the story doesn’t end there. If you own a small business, focusing on local clients is your key to success. Imagine owning a hair salon. If your content is optimized, people from a different country may see your ad, but it’s not very helpful. 

It would be a lot better if people near you could see it instead. This is the primary focus of local SEO — adjusting your marketing locally to reach more potential customers. 

Local SEO is nothing new, but it is more popular than ever, especially because of social media. In short, it gives you a chance to rank high in search results, and it is one of the best digital marketing strategies.

Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence

Voice search became popular in the past couple of years. People now enjoy the convenience of not having to type their search queries. With the introduction of Alexa and similar virtual assistants, voice search became something that needed to be addressed in SEO marketing. 

It’s not rare to see different results based on whether you’re using a voice search or a traditional one. Moreover, the Google algorithm still doesn’t include voice searches, which means that people will start focusing on it more and more. For all types of businesses, putting their focus on voice searches might be a game-changer.

At the same time, the number of virtual assistants keeps increasing, and everyone loves having one on their mobile device. It makes us feel like Iron Man or someone living in the future. 

Artificial intelligence will continue growing, and it will remain one of the biggest trends in the next couple of years. 

Interactive Content

Another thing that gained a lot of traction in the past few years is interactive content. Today, people walk around with phones that are more powerful than any PC was a decade ago. Of course, that gives them a lot of opportunities. 

Think of the websites you recently visited. People find pages without interactive elements to be dull and uninteresting, and they tend to leave them quite fast. Adding more interactive elements will captivate your visitors and persuade them to stay a little longer. Furthermore, seeing a vintage-looking website doesn’t scream trust, so people will try to find another one that seems more reliable. 

That is why you should aim at adding video content, finding ways to improve user experience, and doing everything else you can to increase traffic. 

Rise Local Understands Digital Marketing Trends

If you\’re ready to jump on the wave of the future and get eyes on your website, look no further than Rise Local. We are a full-service digital marketing agency with extensive knowledge about website builds, traditional SEO, and technical SEO. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can generate sales leads, and help you grow your business.